Specialized services

Special transport

Safes, (grand) pianos, works of art, models, machinery and copy machines. With innovative and responsible techniques, we move heavy, fragile or sensitive items. An entire machinery park is an option as well.


A couple of Euromovers partners has specialized in the transport and storage of art. They work for internationally known museums and art houses. The expertise that has been earned results in the fact that Euromovers is known in the art world and new clients are contacting us frequently. Euromovers respects the sensitive art of this information and we will not give referrals. 


Transporting high-tech equipment ask for air suspended trucks with climate control (between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius). When transporting according to these requirements, high tech transportation is no problem. Our trucks are equipped with all necessary security features. The transportation is done by colleagues who have been specially trained for these kinds of transports. When needed, individual requirement can be communicated prior to, during and after the transport. Your valuable high-tech is in good hands with Euromovers.

Machinery relocation

Industrial relocations, ranging from individual machine transport, a production line or an entire factory, Euromovers is absolutely capable of professionally executing these relocations. We offer the possibility of turn-key agreements. We pack machinery or parts of it in our own packing workplaces. Wooden, cardboard or plastic ramps, crates and cases are custom made if needed. We have our own cranes with which we prepare, load, and place the machinery. Euromovers takes care of your industrial move worldwide!

Fairs and expositions

Fairs and expositions are not dealt with daily by most companies. Euromovers on the other hand works almost every week on building up and taking down entire fair locations and exposition, national and international. We got used to very short construction time frames. Some moving teams are specially trained and due to their years of experience, no job is too big for them. Of course, these transports are done in air suspended moving trucks. 

Facility management

The Euromovers facility manager is skilled and works with detailed checklists. Read more about the services of our facility manager.

Internal relocations

For internal relocations, Euromovers offers contract based house managers for:

  • Arranging furniture keys
  • Connecting household appliances
  • Managing defects and damage
  • Small repairs of copy machines
  • Technical support for meeting rooms
  • Designing meeting rooms
  • Moving paintings
  • (Dis)assembly of furniture
  • Managing archives
  • Arranging mail
  • Other operational activities regarding facility management

IT moving services

Moving computer configurations and connecting equipment asks for more than the simple transport. Our special IT mover will advise you on the approach to take during a move and will support you during the process. Included is the disconnection of the data and telecommunication equipment and preparing for the move. We will place and connect all equipment in your new office. If needed, we will perform tests and report on failures. We offer the possibility of a follow-up service including service desk.

Our IT mover arranges:

  • Network connections and the WAN connections
  • Wiring
  • Rebuilding working places for renewed network topology
  • Ergonomically design of the new workspace
  • Logistical planning
  • Delivering communication plan
  • Arranging achievements for managers and employees
  • Mediating and looking after the purchases of all needed objects
  • Delivering of documentation and manuals

This will all be done in accordance with your IT manager.