Facility manager

The facility manager is your support during large relocations, but offers follow-up services as well. In the time after the move, you will be able to rely on a experienced projectmanager that minimize stress. Euromovers' facility managers are highly skilled, work with detailed checklists and is informed about the market stakeholders and new developments. The facility manager takes care of:

  • Construction management
  • Telecommunication- and automization plans
  • Design and planning for 'blind spots'
  • Creating the relocation plan
  • Internal and external communication concerning the move
  • Purchasing services and products such as cleaning equipment, furniture, coffee machine

This service is offered short- as well as long-term for interesting rates.

More than a facility manager

Is your facility management in need of extra help after a renovation or relocation? Our handyman can help you! 

He has professional tools and convenient moving equipment. He takes care of taking down and putting up white boards, name tags, clocks, paintings, lamps, rails and wall shelves.

Our Handyman will take care of the following:

  • Arranging new furniture keys
  • Connecting household appliances
  • Managing defects and damage
  • Small repairs of copy machines
  • Technical support for meeting rooms
  • Designing meeting rooms
  • Moving paintings
  • (Dis)assembly of furniture
  • Managing archives
  • Arranging mail
  • Other operational activities regarding facility management