Corporate relocation

Euromovers, your partner for every corporate relocation.

A corporate relocation is a great project. Keeping an eye on the details and correct coordination are very important. We create a detailed plan and guarantee a care-free completion of the project. This will make sure your business or governmental institution will be relocated without any problem. Our Euromovers partners are professionals, experienced in complex removals and conform to all quality standards.

The most important advantage of choosing Euromovers is the possibility to rely on the extensive domestic and international network. We join forces and therefor never lack capacity. In special cases, every member can rely on the expertise of all partners. Our partners have knowledge of the local situation and are happy to advise you. This makes sure you know what to expect.

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Corporate moves with Euromovers

Corporate relocations require speed and accuracy. For complex and large relocations, we always appoint a specific project manager. This manager will run through the entire relocation and will advise you when needed. Our extensive Euromovers network offers the possibility to rely on each other’s knowledge and expertise.


Framework contracts: interesting rates

Are you dealing with business relocations regularly? Our framework agreements offer interesting rates on the removal prices and sufficient choice. Euromovers offers high quality services which are affordable due to our attractive framework contracts.



Our project manager arranges your corporate move

Our project managers help with the planning and guidance of your relocation. We also assure high quality after-sales. Our project managers are responsible for: 

  • Communication between suppliers, construction entrepreneurs etc;
  • Defining the walking routes during the move;
  • The interior styling of the new building;
  • Cleanliness for the final inspection of the new and old building;

Personnel relocations

We work together with private customers as well as businesses. Therefore, we are the perfect partner for personnel relocations. We offer framework contracts including the regulations and pricing agreements. This ensures a clear view for your personnel of what exactly will be restituted by the company. Furthermore, this offers transparency in what they can eventually organize themselves and for what price.

Our international network makes international personnel relocations very feasible. A relocation abroad is another service we offer. First of all, we will investigate which Euromovers partner is the best option for you. Due to our international standards, we are able to offer interesting rates for high quality services.

Euromovers is an employer’s reliable moving partner; knowing and respecting your interests and making sure the relocation will be care-free. You will have nothing to worry about. Are you looking for a well-organized personnel relocation?

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Personeel verhuizen is meer dan alleen de personen verhuizen

Institutional relocations

Relocating educational-, health-, and governmental institutions ask for adequate preparations and adjustments. Educational relocations demand a short moving time, health organizations ask for extra social involvement and governmental institution ask for a tailor-made approach. Read below for more information on our approach per institution.

Educational institutions

Onderwijsinstellingen moeten vaak in de korte periode van een schoolvakantie verhuizen. Dit vereist zorgvuldige voorbereiding. Educational institutions often need to relocate within the time span of the school holidays. This asks for thoughtful preparations. Euromovers is experienced in these relocations, small and larger institutions, or different locations moving into one building. Our committed cooperation makes sure that everyone involved works according to the same working instructions. This avoids misunderstandings and assures an adequate completion of the relocation project.

Euromovers has experience with big, ‘just-in-time’ removals, and are aware of the importance of the correct process. In an early stage, a detailed scenario is created in order to describe all details. Small relocations do not ask for a written scenario. In these cases a briefing with clear agreements on time and actions is sufficient to assure a successful removal.


Health institutions

Moving a health organization is a people-job. In our team, we have a specific group that is specialized in the relocation of health organizations. Hospitals, nursing-homes but also youth- or mental shelters are just a few examples.  We do not only deliver moving services, but we are very socially committed as well. This results in a pleasant removal, for you and your clients. 

Governmental institutions

Euromovers has created a variety of relocations services especially for governmental institutions. For each individual client (national, regional, or local) we describe the adequate combination of our services. Due to our extensive network, we are the best in our market. The employees of our clients can take all the advantages of this cooperation.

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