Moving abroad

Moving abroad
care free.

Are you planning on moving abroad? Wherever you may go, Euromovers offers the best services. Due to our international network, we have local knowledge of the specific area you are moving to. Therefore, if needed, we are able to rely on local experts. International relocation goes beyond the transportation of furniture. We will support you in the paper work, we will advise you on your new living environment, but will be there for you when moving back to the Netherlands as well.

Moving within the European Union

We offer very interesting rates. This is due to our use of so-called Powerlanes: weekly drives within Europe where we combine different moves. If preferred, we will move your furniture and inventory separately on a chosen date.  

Quick and skilled

As an internal moving company, we have European agreements with the experts always nearby. Our international quality standards guarantee the same, quick and professional service as you are used to. All our international vehicles are staffed by two drivers. They are equipped with a moving lift reaching to the 3rd floor, enough blankets, rolling- and packing materials, and if required ramps for the transportation of cars. Unforeseen border issues are handled by our local customs experts. They are very knowledgeable of the complex customs- and tax regulations. Are you planning a move within the EU?

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Additional services for international moves

In cooperation with several partners, we are able to provide additional services for your international move. This can be applied to moves from and to the Netherlands. See below for some examples of the additional services we offer:  

Back to the Netherlands:

  • Looking for an appropriate home in the chosen location;
  • Support, advice and guidance regarding the new interior;
  • Helping you with the utilities contracts;
  • Looking for a school for your children;
  • Looking for medical specialists such as a general practitioner and dentist;
  • VIP service for executives, management and board;
  • Picking up family members from the airport at arrival;
  • Support for following relocations.

Moving abroad:

  • Support with the termination of utility contracts;
  • Support with the termination of rental contracts;
  • Looking for an appropriate home, just as moving back to the Netherlands.

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