Preparations for a move

Preparing for a move is complex, and you will need to take many things into consideration. For example, we discourage you to simply pack all your belongings, as this creates a huge chaos. We have created a list in order to prepare you for your move and will make the process a lot smoother. 

How to prepare for a move:

  • Make sure everything is packed in boxes
  • Label the boxes with the new room where it needs to come
  • Make sure all fragile objects are well packed and write on the boxes that it contains fragile objects. Use sufficient packing paper and create a soft base. For heavy/large glass and pottery, you may use bubble wrap.
  • Make sure each box does not weight more than 18kg as our movers are not allowed to carry heavier boxes.
  • Remove frying oil from the frying pan, even when it is solidified.
  • Electricity and drilling jobs are not included, unless specifically stated. We do offer the possibility to hire a  handyman
  • Small paintings and frames should be wrapped in packing paper. For larger paintings (48x36), the mover will provide special boxes and packing materials.
  • Small lamps should be packed in boxes. Remove the shaded of standing lamps and pack, electricity cables can be wrapped around the lamp.
  • Make sure all hooks of all clothes hangers are facing the same side, the movers will bring wardrobe boxes.
  • Long objects such as skirting, wood, or gardening equipment should be bundled with tape or ropes.
  • Keep everything that will not be moved to the new place, in a separate place.
  • In case you are missing something of in need of more information, please contact

Packing later

  • Keep your medicines, valuables papers, keys, and everything you need to carry with you separate.
  • Moving to storage:
    • Do not pack plants or other perishable goods in boxes that will be stored
    • In case you will store carpets or fabric furniture, treat the object with an agent against moths, flees, and other pests.
    • Make sure your inventory assurer is informed about the location of the storage. We can inform you a day prior to the move of the exact address.

Moving day

  • Keep a parking space from about 10 meters free for the moving truck, also on your new address.
  • Contact us a day in advance about our starting times.
  • Inform your neighbors about the move as they might be obstructed by the move.
  • Keep the coffee machine separate.
  • After arriving in the new place, the movers will check the property with you.
  • Create a map of each room of the new place, with a simple description of the large furniture. The movers will directly place the furniture in the correct place. 

Directly after the move

  • Start unpacking when the movers team is done
  • Keep your lighting at hand, it will get dark sooner than you think

Good luck with the preparations!