Additional services

Additional services

Euromovers offers more additional services than other moving companies. Our (international) Euromovers network offers us the capability of recruiting the right expertise for your special move or transport, anywhere in the world. Euromovers partners work closely together, and therefor we can combine all specializations needed. 


Let us take care of the experience relocation of your valuable objects to your new living environment. A couple of Euromovers the Netherlands partners have specialized in the transport and storage of art. Not only for private clients, but for international renowned museums and arthouses. The experience we have built has resulted in many new clients, for which we (due to confidentially reasons) cannot advertise. If you have any questions regarding these services, please contact us and do not take a risk by hiring any less than an expert.


What can our Handyman do for you:

In your current residence:

      • Taking down and packing paintings
      • Preparing washing machine, radio, TV, and computer for the move
      • Taking down lamps from the ceilings and preparing for the move
      • Small repairs 

In your new residence:

    • Installing lightning
    • Installing and programming washing machine, radio, TV and computer
    • Telephone wiring
    • Putting up paintings 

If you are lacking time to arrange these tasks, please leave it to our professional. With the right material, good equipments, a healty dose of craftmanship and joy, our Handyman takes care of all your jobs.