OEV (Organisatie van Erkende Verhuizers)

This branch organization qualifies Euromovers partners according to quality standards. 

This means that you are dealing with high quality partners that qualify to following standards:

  • Care policy (overall quality-, environment-, health-, and safety policies)
  • Moving company organization (we ask for a work meeting structure)
  • Care system (the demand of documentation)
  • Document- and data management (all regarding quality needs to be documented in written)
  • Training and education (employees need to be trained movers)
  • Suppliers (need to meet the same standards)
  • Complaints and repair (documentation and punctual follow-up)
  • Storage solutions (needs to be equipped with security systems against fire and theft)
  • Materials, work equipment, and packing materials (should meet legal requirements)
  • WGW (company should have a goods transportation license)
  • Health & Safety (elaborate requirement should be met)

  • Enviroment (environmental license and waste registration should be documented)
  • Social allowances (tax department declaration should be done)
  • Terms and conditions:
    • Contractual liability is €100.000,00 for private moves, €23.000,00 for a storage contract and a minimum of €45.378.00 per truck load during corporate moves. The legal liability insurance starts at a minimum of €2.268.901 per situation. (For individuals, the latest version of the terms and conditions for moves (AVVV in the Netherlands) is applicable and the move should be insured by the Guarantee Certificate of Approved Movers) (For the storage of goods, the latest version of the Terms and Conditions of Storage Movinggoods (AVBV in the Netherlands) is applicable.) (For corporate companies, the latest version of the Terms and Conditions for Corporate Moves (AVB in the Netherlands) is applicable.)
  • Every three years, the companies are checked by the ViaNorm organization, making sure that all our partners meet the high-quality standards we aim for.
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