Euromovers The Netherlands partners are all part of the Organisatie van Erkende Verhuizers (Dutch movers branch organization).

With regard to personnel this entails the following:

  • Labor policy (actual)
  • Structural work meeting 
  • Care systems (procedures regarding accidents, surveillance of sound execution of the jobs are available)
  • Education and training (Movers should have passed their OEV diploma within two years. Futhermore, there must be a training plan per employee and there are requirements regarding the compositions of a team) 
  • Equipment (should only be handled by well-trained personnel, who is aware of the risks and precautions)
  • Some additional regulations are applicable for Euromovers the Netherlands, such as the use of uniform work clothes, integrity, language and social control.

All partners strive for a long-term cooperation with their employees where continuity is key.