Moving company Barneveld

Van Reenen

Transport - Warehouse - Moves

Van Reenen may not be the most exciting company because they deliver exactly what you ask them to. Without exciting extra’s and fuss, without nagging. And they have been doing this for more than 100 years. This is what they call “custom-made transport”.

 Whether it regards an international shipment of Dutch cheese for the pizzas in Sicily, leather cow skins for a shoemaker in France or escalators for a store in Amsterdam, Van Reenen will make it work. Sound and steady, just as how everything is done in Barneveld, and that may be the reasons Van Reenen is loaded with diplomas and certificates. And their impressive client is enthusiastic and loyal.

Van Reenen calls itself lucky to be able to add new clients to their base but does not see this as coincidence. Van Reenen Transport – Warehouse – Moves namely makes part of the healthiest 3% of all transportation and moving companies in the Netherlands. Working hard and efficient pays off. Keeping an eye on details and sustainability. Delivering without hassle, that is how it is done in the Veluwe, that is how it is done by Van Reenen.

Moving company Barneveld

3771 NS Barneveld
+31 (0)342 40 54 05