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Moving to Portugal from The Netherlands

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At Euromovers, we understand all too well that you want to move to sunny and culturally authentic Portugal. It is a wonderful country with a great culture, where you will undoubtedly find much happiness - but you will have to move there first. Fortunately, emigrating to Portugal is perfectly doable with the right international moving partner! Euromovers can help you with all the things that need to be arranged. On this page we explain what needs to be done before you live in Portugal!

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Because Euromovers is an international network of high quality moving partners, you can always count on being in good hands across the border - with moving companies with whom we maintain close contact from the Netherlands. Thus, in addition to our own experience with moving abroad, we also have easy access to local experts who know exactly what your destination requires in terms of paperwork, import tax, customs and so on. In the Netherlands, Euromovers helps you with things like cancelling contracts with utility companies or your rental agreement, and in Portugal our partners help you with the necessary contracts there! Handy, isn't it?

Emigreren naar Portugal? Euromovers helpt!

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