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Renting a storage unit can be very convenient for several reasons. For example, you may simply have an abundance of items that you cannot store in your home or business space. But you may also want to temporarily move your standard belongings away from your home during a relocation or renovation to avoid damage or lack of space. Less common, but certainly no less important: you may want to store archives that need to be secured and accessible only to authorized personnel, or you may own antiques or art, for example, that need to be kept in a particular climate. For all of these reasons (and more), a storage unit rental can help!

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How do we proceed?

Our professional Euromovers will come an pick up all of the belongings you want to store. The movers will put your belongings directly into your personal storage container, in which they will remain for the duration of your storage period. As soon as your possessions are loaded, the portable storage unit will be transferred to the storage facility, where it is stored safely, dry, at the right temperature and 24/7 secured! The beauty of renting a storage space at Euromovers: after the storage period you desire, our movers will deliver your belongings just where you want them!

Storage container rental at Euromovers

Special storage

As mentioned before on this page, at Euromovers we can store more than just 'normal' stuff. We are also specialized in:

  • Conditioned archive storage and management (electronically secured space)
  • Archive monitoring (automated archive systems with scanner equipment)
  • Archive removal
  • Digitalization
  • Archive destruction (also certified)
  • Temporary storage
  • Storage

Euromovers consists of an extensive network of partners throughout the Netherlands, so we always have enough manpower and equipment to help you with your storage!

Storage Container Rental

Are you convinced? Euromovers works together throughout the Netherlands to help clients
to help customers store their goods. So there is always a storage facility near you.

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