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Emigrating to Luxembourg

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It seems nearby, Netherland's Benelux colleague Luxembourg, but the country has a very different landscape and culture than our country. It is small, prosperous and rich in culture. At Euromovers, we therefore understand very well that people emigrate to Luxembourg! But, despite being so close, this is easier said than done. Besides the fact that all belongings have to be moved to another country, all kinds of paperwork have to be arranged. Euromovers consists of an international network of reliable movers, making all this hassle easy to arrange with professionals on the spot. Let us help you move to Luxembourg!

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Euromovers forms a worldwide network of reliable partners in relocations, so we always offer professional support for your move abroad. We have close ties with moving companies worldwide, allowing us not only to use our own expertise, but also to benefit from local knowledge. These local partners are well-versed in the specific requirements at your destination, such as administrative procedures, import taxes and customs formalities. For example, from the Netherlands we can assist with utility contracts and termination of rental agreements, while our partners in Luxembourg can assist you with local formalities. This coordinated approach makes your move more efficient and worry-free.

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