Moving boxes

What types of moving boxes are available for hire?

At Euromovers you will find a suitable moving box for every product. By packing fragile products nothing goes wrong during transport. That is why it is important that you use the right box for the appropriate products. Luckily, we have special moving boxes to match every object. For example, we have special crockery boxes, boxes for glasses, picture boxes, clothes boxes, book boxes and much more. You name it - we have a box for it. In general, there are three most common moving boxes. These are the standard moving box, the emigration removal box and the wardrobe removal box. The standard removal box is very sturdy and suitable for up to 25 kilos. We also have extra-large moving boxes. In addition, the emigration removal box and the wardrobe removal box are also very popular when moving. The emigration box is three times as big as the standard box and the wardrobe box is suitable for moving your clothes without creasing. Curious about the possibilities when it comes to moving boxes for rent or purchase? Then get in touch with us!

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