Moving boxes

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Are you looking for good quality moving boxes? Euromovers has the best ones! All different sizes and types of boxes are available in our moving store. The boxes can be used to pack all kinds of products and can be rented as well as bought.

Different types of moving boxes

For example, we offer moving boxes for the transportation of tableware. By packing these objects correctly, they will be secured during the transport and they will arrive flawless. We also offer special boxes for clothing, paintings and books. We offer standard boxes as well of course. 

Looking for boxes for:

  • Table ware and other breakable goods
  • Wardorbe
  • Paintings
  • Books
  • Anything else;

Euromovers offers a special moving box for every object!

Packing: an expertise

  • Discuss the packing with your Euromovers partner
  • Start packing as soon as you have boxes available, you will be surprised in the amount of time it takes
  • Label every box with the insides and destination
  • In case you think you will come short in boxes, call your Erkende Verhuizer partner
  • Clothes can be hanged directly from your wardrobe into the special boxes
  • Lock cabinets and keep keys in your carry-on luggage
  • Put books in special book boxes or divide over other boxes. Full up open spaces with light weight objects
  • Put bottles straight in the boxes. Dangerous and flammable fluids should be kept separate
  • Ask your Euromovers partner on how to pack fragile objects. The insurance is only applicable when objects are packed and unpacked by the Euromovers company.
  • Roll silverwear in tissue paper
  • Do not pack sharp objects with fragile objects
  • Lock pick-up arm and store away element
  • Arrange solutions for CD player and PC
  • Do not pack large mirrors and paintings. Euromovers will take care of it
  • Pack small plants together. Do not pack large plants, your Euromover partner will take care of them
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